Notice: Device Communication and
Web Access are now Disabled!

Communication between the Winland device server and login
access to this web site have both been disabled.

Because device communications have been disabled, if you have not
converted to the Insight system, you will no longer receive email or
text message alerts from your EA800ip device. Also, you will no longer
be able to access your account on If you haven't
already done so, begin the process of converting to Insight now.

Your assets are at risk if you don't act!

• At risk of not receiving email alerts if something goes wrong in your monitored environment.
• At risk of not being able to get reports about your monitored environment.
• At risk of losing historical data necessary for compliance with regulatory requirements.

The new Insight system has everything the old system has, and more. The direct
per unit monthly rate is $16 per device for up to 4 sensors plus $4 each for
additional sensors. Billing is in advance (annually). There will be no setup
or conversion charge. Click to download an Insight Account Set-up request form
or a Sell Sheet about the Insight System.

Please fill out the Account Information form and return via email.
Subject: Account Info at email: or fax to: 507-387-2488.

If your system was installed and is maintained as part of a security system, your
security provider may be able to provide the Insight service as part of an alarm
monitoring package. In that case please contact your security provider. If you
are a security installer, please contact us about becoming an Insight Reseller.

For more information, to schedule a demo of the Insight System or to arrange to
have an account set up on Insight please contact: